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Kronic Killer Dealer Package (+ $99 Annual membership)

$340.00 $300.00

Is your Kronickiller.com business ready for growth?

KronicKiller.com is the only online fragrance wholesale company offering a unique marketing model with a proven system that will elevate your KronicKiller business to new levels! This includes educational tools, (webinars, emails, blogs and 1-on-1 consultations)

We are happy to announce the release of the Kronic Killer Authorized Dealer Membership!

In addition to the expertise ad guidance that you will access to, by becoming an Authorized Dealer, you are entitled the huge discounted savings of the Kronickiller Burning Oil/Fresheners – You pay only $1.45-$1.50 bottle (regularly $2.00/bottle) Do the Math!

We take the integrity of the KronicKiller Brand seriously. As an Authorized Dealer,  the Kronic Killer Dealer Package contains the vital Kronic Killer Branded Marketing materials needed for the successful representation of your business!

When you purchase the Authorized Dealer Package you receive

  • 1 Set of Kronickiller.com Car Magnets – Personalized
  • 1 2×3 Kronickiller.com Vinyl Banner
  • 1 Kronickiller.com Polo Shirt
  • 1 LED Electronic Name Badge – Personalized
  • 100 Ct Kronickiller.com Burning
    Oil/Air Freshener
  • 1000 Business Cards – Personalized
  • **When the Authorized Dealer package is added to your cart, the $99 Annual Authorized Dealer Membership fee is also added.

This entire package is valued at $439, but you enjoy the first savings as an Authorized Dealer member, you pay only $399 – That’s a savings of $40

2 Count KronicKiller.com Car Magnets (Personalized)

Our Vehicle Magnetics marketing tool makes your presence complete on the streets!  Armed with your Magnetics, Polo Shirt, Cap, Business cards, Yard/Window Signs and LED Electronic name badge, you will make a definite impact in your territories!

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2x3 KronicKiller.com Vinyl Banner

Our 2x3 banner is great for hanging up so customers can now that KronicKiller.com is in Brand! Hang it outside or inside from the ceiling so they can see it as soon as they walk in! It's great in front of your table when vending!

KronicKiller.com Polo Shirt

The KronicKiller.com polo shirt is designed to give you that professional corporate business look.  You represent the look of  a KronicKiller.com partner!


LED Electronic Name Badge

WOW the crowd and recruit on the Spot! 

Customize Your Message Per Line

100 Count


1000 Business Cards (Personalized)

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  • Authorized Dealer Membership

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